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What We Believe

The  United Church of Christ people do not all think alike  so we don't require our members to subscribe to certain  creeds or dogmas. We accept the historic creeds of the church, such as the Apostles' and Nicene, as representing  the faith we share in common. We also have a Statement of Faith, which is widely accepted, and which we  think is one of the best modern interpretations of Christianity.

St. John's UCC is one of 49 churches of the Fox Valley Association, and one of 287 churches in the Illinois Conference supporting local congregations in their ministries. We participate with commitment and vitality in the larger scope of the denomination's good work. We believe that churches should be locally autonomous but not isolationist, and we celebrate the connection we feel, and the obligation we gladly accept to the larger church as members of the United Church of Christ.

The members, congregations, associations, conferences, General Synod, and covenanted ministries are free in relation to the world. We affirm that the authority of God as revealed in Jesus Christ and interpreted with the aid of the Holy Spirit stands above and judges all human culture, institutions and laws. But we recognize our calling both as individuals and as the church to live in the world:

  • To proclaim in word and action the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • To work for reconciliation and the unity of the broken Body of Christ.
  • To seek justice and liberation for all.

This is the challenge of the United Church of Christ. Are you ready? Come join us!

Covenant of Welcome

“Welcome!” to all who have faith or who seek it, and who live in hope or who need it.

“Welcome!” to all who rejoice and are strong, and who mourn and are weary.

“Welcome!” to those who know Christ, and to those who long for an introduction.

We believe God’s grace is extended to all. To those who have felt unwelcome or experienced rejection elsewhere, we say, “All are welcome here!”

We acknowledge our diversities and we welcome, respect, and support people of every race, ethnicity, economic status, sexual orientation, age, gender, marital status and physical and mental ability. We are a community where all are equal, all are loved, and all are respected for who and what they are, and what they can become.
We acknowledge that fear and ignorance can hinder us. But we challenge one another to follow the teachings of Jesus, who denied no one and welcomed all. We strive to live our faith by supporting inclusiveness and justice for all humanity, and we invite all who gather here to participate in our ministries of word, sacrament and service.

St. John United Church of Christ

309 Fifth Street
Aurora, IL 60505


Worship Schedule

Sunday Mornings
10:00 A.M.


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